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International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques

ICMART was founded 1983 in Vienna/Austria, registered in Brussels as a non-profit making umbrella organization compromising medical acupuncture societies worldwide.

ICMART represents the only truly international medical acupuncture organization

Main goal

Developing and standardizing acupuncture practiced by medical doctors to integrate it into modern medicine and modern healthcare.

Two approaches

Scientific approach trough evidence-based medicine and traditional approach, both with respect to efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness – see Acupuncture Charter Berlin 2001.

Charter blev revideret på ekstraordinær generalforsamling i Wien, dec. 2013 se nedenfor:


The participants of this ICMART congress in Vienna, 30th November to 1st December 2013, strongly commit themselves to the following:

  1. Setting up unified international quality standards of medical acupuncture in education, practice and research according to the principles of comtemporary medicine:
    To optimise the effects of acupuncture and the safety for patients
    To follow evidence based medicine (EBM) in its broadest definition
    For application in all appropriate medical specialties
    To integrate acupuncture into modern medicine and health care

  2. Strengthening relationships between national medical acupuncture societies in Europe and throughout the world

  3. Further collaboration with the World Health Organisation

  4. Extending national co-operation with:
    University Medical Schools
    Institutions of healthcare
    Health funding organizations
    Research funding organisations in healthcare
    Other medical organisations of acupuncture
    Patient organisations

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