In memoriam
Felix Mann MB, BChir.  LMCC. Honorary member of the DMSfA
It was a very sad message I received Thursday morning the 2’ of October 2014. Felix Mann has died that very morning. One of the most prominent in our generation of medical acupuncture doctors is no more. 
I met Felix more than forty years ago, at a time when I was very much doubting if it was worth continuing acupuncture. What I experienced at his lecture changed that completely. I admired him for learning all that was possible about classic acupuncture, writing several books about classic acupuncture and then having the great courage to standing forward and telling college that he believed otherwise. It was not always as written in the old texts. One has to compare it with and understand it in relationship to scientific conceptions. 
He was very much in demand as well in Great Britain as abroad. His lectures were always very well attended all over the world. The many doctors who attended his courses through the years in the magnificent house in Devonshire Plc. 15 in London had after ended course the possibility to attend the yearly November meetings where you could listen to new acupuncture projects or bringing forward your own project to discuss it with the other doctors. The results of the meetings ware afterwards mailed to all doctors over the world who had previously attended his London courses.
I had the pleasure to bring more than 10 groups of Danish doctors to his courses in London. All the doctors talked of the fantastic house, the whole arrangement with Felix and his wife, Ruth, assisting him in the blue room, the snacks in the kitchen and his very thoughtful teaching. The very decent way Felix listened to his patients, the very delicate and pragmatic way he treated them combined with his fantastic charisma is unbelievable to comprehend if you haven’t experienced it. When he joined me in my practice the patients experienced that charisma, his radiation, although he didn’t speak a word of Danish at all. 
We had several discussions about combining the classic ideas and the western approach and not just to believe in everything. How to incorporate the works of Kellgren and Travell. He was very pleased when he experienced the new possibilities in documentation of effects in accordance to iMR and PET scanning’s.
After giving up his practice in London he and Ruth moved to Caynhan Hill House the most beautiful place near Ludlow. When we visit them in 2013 he was clearly very fragile, but still possessing his very warm and dry humor and Ruth nursing carefully around him. My thoughts and sympathy goes to Ruth Mann.
Felix invented the notion of strong reactors. Related the effects of acupuncture mainly to reflexes and referred pain, but never the less took the Chinese pulse and saw the tongs.
From Felix Mann’s book: “Scientific Aspects of Acupuncture”.  
“In this book I will show that acupuncture points do not exist, meridians do not exist, and that most of the laws of acupuncture are laws about non-existent entities.         Yet acupuncture works!”
All honor to his name.
Peer Walther Hansen